Industrial and Rugged Computing Solutions

  High-performance embedded computing is our business. Whether your application is oil and gas, transportation, or telecommunications, our selection of computing platforms can meet almost any need. Choose from a wide range of architectures, processor speeds, memory, I/O, and levels of ruggedization. Industrial computing uses a great variety of I/O, and so we offer an extensive line of interfaces for avionics, Ethernet, video and displays, and communications.  


Single Board Computers

AdvancedTCA & MicroTCA
FPGA & GPGPU Processing
Conduction Cooled Options

Rugged Servers & Computing Systems

1U to 5U Industrial Servers
Rugged GPGPU Servers
Tablet & Mobile Computers
Embedded, Rugged Computer Systems
Custom Configurations

Embedded Computing

Industrial Motherboards
ETX / COM Express
PC/104 / EPIC / Mini-ITX
Embedded Linux Controllers
System Integration

Power Conversion

DC-AC Inverters
Frequency Converters
UPS Power Systems
Rugged Power Solutions
Custom Power Configurations

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet Switches
PoE Splitters & Injectors
10Gb Interface Boards
10Gb Analyzers
DIN, AMC, PMC, VMEbus, CompacPCI

I/O & Communications

Cavium Packet Processing
Reflective Memory
Software Defined Radio & Sensor
Bus Adapters & Expansion
Industrial Cellular Modems
General Purpose I/O


Industrial & Mil-Spec Displays
Embedded Flat Panels
Wide Temp EL Displays
Flat Panel Computers
Graphic & Video Cards


SATA / PATA Flash Drives
High-Speed Serial Analyzers
Fibre Channel / SATA / SAS Analyzers
On-board Storage (e.g., PMC)
Rugged RAID & JBOD Storage Systems
10Gb Data Recorders

Industrial Automation

Analog & Digital I/O Boards & Systems
Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
Signal Conditioning Modules
Remote Data Acquisition
Modbus Gateways

Electronic Packaging

System Enclosures
Rugged Enclosures
Instrument and Transit Cases
Electronic Cabinets
Backplanes, cabling and accessories