Reasons for Selecting North Coast
Sales in Northern California

Technical Sales Personnel

All Sales Engineers have a strong technical background and are technically capable of presenting the benefits of your product line to the customer.

Computer Supported Sales Management

Contact Reports/Profile Updates provide you with a chronological history at a glance of the calls, visits, and exchanges of information.

Sales Lead Follow-Up

Pre-screened leads and bingo leads are followed up and feedback is sent to you on your form or our report.

Trade Show Support

We exhibit in many trade shows each year in Northern California and Northern Nevada, including the Real Time Shows and Embedded Computing Shows.

Telemarketing Program

We have a professional telemarketing group that will qualify each lead you generate and provide feedback on the quality of your promotional efforts.

Synergistic Products

Your products are introduced to prospects who may have originally inquired about another principal's product.


We have a limited number of principals and products, ensuring appropriate time to promote and sell your products.

Commissions and Territory

All sales personnel have an assigned territory. There are no salaries, we are compensated on results (commissions) only.
Selling is Our #1 Priority!!
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Peninsula Office: Olga DeGour Tel. 800-891-5111
North and East Bay Office:
Terry Lee Cobb Tel. 408-847-6133

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